Irish Businesses Driving Innovation

Irish businesses are some of the most innovative in the world and time and time again have shown they’re a force to be reckoned with. From hospitality to digital marketing, Irish businesses are at the forefront of innovation.

We’ve highlighted a handful of the most inventive Irish businesses, who’ve made innovation and collaboration a core part of their business strategy. But first we’re going to explain why they should be part of your ongoing business model.

Why Businesses Need to Innovate and Collaborate

With a relentless focus on innovation, Irish companies have gone on to forge their own paths and become some of the world’s most successful businesses.

The best business people also recognise the need for collaboration. By pairing the two, companies create opportunities and long-term benefits for their brand.

By ensuring innovation and collaboration are at the core of everything you do, your business will be able to:

– Improve or replace business processes which have become inefficient or unproductive.

– Develop a new product or service offering, which will increase revenue and add value to your existing customer base.

– Identify gaps in the market or niches, which your business could capitalise on. By analysing your market, customer data and direct competitors, you’ll be better prepared to jump at opportunities as they arise

– Increase collaboration opportunities with other companies, which allow you to benefit from mentorship, constant feedback and shared learning.

Innovative Irish Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Irish businesses are known the world over for their ability to work and think smart. Entrepreneurs like the Collison brothers have shown that there’s money to be made in identifying a gap in the market and forward thinking.

A decade ago, e-commerce transactions were booming, however, the technology at the time was old, out of date and not fit for purpose. Enter Stripe, the Collisons’ ingenious e-commerce software, which allowed businesses to seamlessly receive online payments via their website or apps.

The software revolutionised the world of e-commerce and quickly became the pride of Silicon Valley. Today the business is worth an estimated $9 billion and has made the brothers two of the world’s youngest billionaires.

Today Irish business are still embracing that same entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve spoken to two companies to see how they’re profiting through innovation and collaboration.

Maximum Media
John Burns Maximum Media

Maximum Media is a small Irish indigenous business, which in the past decade has scaled at a remarkable pace. The innovative company behind websites such as and has grown from a minor operation in Dublin to a well-known media brand and is expanding into the UK with offices located in London and Manchester.

This rapid growth is the result of hard work and smart business acumen. Maximum Media founder Niall McGarry identified a gap in Ireland’s digital media market and realised the key to success was pairing clever commercial collaboration with news and entertainment content.

“The majority of our content and the revenue that we generate from our site comes from collaborating with other brands,” explains Managing Director John Burns. “That’s been at the success of Maximum Media since day one, since Niall McGarry set it up. It was really a foresight that he had – that brands wanted to entertain Irish audiences in a new way, and we could do that with them at Maximum Media by creating branded content.”

It is Maximum Media’s mission to be the most influential media company in Ireland by 2022. Having opened a new office in Galway earlier this year and continuing to produce quality content that goes out to tens of millions of people every year, less people are doubting the idea.

“It takes a lot of guts and money to re-invest to stay ahead of the curve,” says Burns. “At Maximum Media – through Joe, Her, Her Family and Sports Joe – we are on the front foot.”

Sean’s Bar
Sean's Bar

The unique selling point of Sean’s Bar is that it’s the oldest bar in Ireland. The Guinness World Record Holder has been pulling pints and serving customers since 900AD and boasts an impressive legacy.

With a brand other businesses could only dream of, General Manager Declan Delaney spotted an opportunity and capitalised on it.

“The whiskey is something we began over five years ago,” he explains of the company’s foray into a new sector. “Athlone is at the centre of the story of whiskey. We’re located just south of Loughrea, and it was at Loughrea where the ancient art of distilling began by the monks. Because of this history we thought, what better way to tell our story than through our whiskey?”

Sean’s Bar approached West Cork Distillers with the concept, and in August 2017, launched its first batch in a range of whiskies produced under the label ‘Sean’s Bar: Ireland’s Oldest Pub’.

“It’s the first of three whiskies we hope to launch over the next two years,” says Delaney. “We have plans to launch a malt whiskey later this year and a special blend as well in a number of years.”

Delaney has ambitious plans for the new venture, which includes exporting to the US, mainland Europe and Japan. Having previously been listed in Lonely Planet’s ’50 Bars To Blow Your Mind’, and given the high footfall of tourists passing through its doors, word about Sean’s Bar’s whiskey will undoubtedly spread far and wide.

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