iSkill Training Ltd. VOOM Anywhere Case Study

iSkill Training Ltd. – VOOM Anywhere Case Study

About iSkill Training Ltd.

iSkill Training help people develop new skills in an imaginative, interactive and enjoyable way. They deliver a range of full-time, part-time day courses and online courses. Their courses are designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to progress onto further training options and/or seek employment.

iSkill Training are using the Virgin Media Business Hosted Private Branch Exchange (HPBX), which is part of our VOOM Anywhere unified communications solution.

The way it was

Being a tech savvy company iSkill began to explore the idea of changing their phone system two years ago. They had been using the traditional phone lines and handsets. The catalyst for change was the complete lack of functionality that the old phone system offered. A missed call was a missed call. And, unless someone heard the phone ring, you would have had no idea there even was a missed call.

Using the change as an opportunity to upgrade, they looked for providers who offered a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Testing the market

iSkill reached out to three companies but the process to find a new phone system seemed overly complicated. Providers were looking for lots of detail before being able to say if they had a solution. One company wanted a detailed document outlining the business need for VOIP from iSkill.

When they spoke to Virgin Media Business it became apparent that the process was in fact quite straightforward. Virgin required the least amount of information and installation in the shortest time.

All that was required was a spreadsheet with all the names and phone numbers and Virgin took over from there.

Dean Harrison from iSkill recalls – “The process with Virgin Media Business was so easy I was worried I was missing emails with a list of things I needed to do. Virgin gave us a date, they showed up, they installed the system, trained us up and they were gone in the same day.”

The process took a total of two weeks from an inquiry call to having a fully upgraded unified communications system.

The solution

The Virgin Media Business VOIP product is a Hosted Private Branch Exchange (HPBX), which is an internal telephone network within a business. With HPBX, your service provider is ‘the host’ and they control the routing of your office calls remotely via an offsite server and then communicate all the voice calls to and from your business through a broadband Internet connection.

By adopting this solution iSkill have eradicated issues that were potentially costly to their business. These problems included poor call quality, dropped calls, not having voice mail or call forwarding.

When they began to review their new call logs, it became apparent the volume of calls they were missing by using the older technology.

Quality Customer Support

iSkill felt that biggest additional benefits to using VOOM Anywhere unified communications solution was the customer support. Any query they had or any issue they needed help was replied to within an hour. They described the service as “phenomenal”.

Most recently they wanted to upload an ‘out of office’ message for the Christmas holidays and within 5 minutes the customer service executive had sorted the issue.

“I would 100%, without any hesitation, recommend Virgin Media Business. Having moved from the old system to VOIP is look going from driving a tractor to a high-performance vehicle.”