We Make It Work: Digisoft

“We try and succeed fast…That’s why all of our business, including communication with our clients and software developers, is sitting on top of Virgin’s ultrafast broadband. It’s remarkable that we’ve had no issues, especially as we have 40 staff based here at Republic of Work and we’re probably taking up at least half of the network!”- Fearghal Kelly, CEO of Digisoft.

Cork-based software company, Digisoft, is a global multiscreen platform provider for the broadcast and media industry.  Digisoft help multiple-system operators to realise the value of their infrastructure investment by building on their extensive experience in video delivery, DRM, mobile and web-based technologies.

According to Fearghal Kelly, CEO of Digisoft, a key to the technology firm’s success has been keeping things simple, “When you think like a consumer, and build like a consumer, you end up with a much simpler solution”. When developing and delivering new solutions, “we step back and try to look at it from the eyes of a consumer…instead of as engineers”, explains Kelly. In doing this, they realised that reducing the quantity of hardware and devices would be central to creating a simplified solution for consumers. Therefore, Digisoft came to the idea of having no extra hardware, remote or box in the room.

In terms of invention and innovation, Kelly claims that with any company, “you have to continually reinvent” to ensure business survival. In order to remain competitive against large companies with low-cost TV solutions such as Amazon and Apple, Digisoft are constantly reinventing themselves every few years, with this cycle of reinvention getting increasingly shorter due to the ever-accelerating pace of innovation.

Regarding business connectivity, Digisoft rely heavily on their comms lines from Virgin Media Business. Nowadays, an integral part of Digisoft’s company is dealing with customers around the globe. As a 24 hour business, Digisoft need reliable comms lines in place which allow them to web conference, share code, and communicate with their customers at any time, day or night. “The Virgin comms lines that we have, facilitate that” says Kelly.

When discussing Digisoft’s goals for 2019, Kelly claims that Digisoft is quite a different company to what it was this time last year due to their constant self-reinvention. He goes on to explain that Digisoft has recently embarked on an exciting new industrial programme which will see them working with some of the world’s largest life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. According to Kelly, he sees the firm “growing and expanding into North America” with this new product.


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