How Much Does Broadband Really Save Your Business?

Can you imagine your business without broadband? As the Internet becomes a bigger, more ubiquitous part of our lives, it becomes easy to take for granted how much businesses benefit from strong connectivity. What’s more, many Irish businesses are letting opportunities pass them by.




IE Domain Registry recently released a SME Digital Health Index in 2018. This involved researching 1,000 Irish SMEs. The index found that Irish SMEs were nowhere near capitalising on the potential of e-commerce in this country, which is worth €12.3 billion. Among the most surprising findings were:


  • Over one-quarter (28%) of SMEs did not have a website
  • Only 30% of SMEs could take sales orders via their website
  • Even fewer (26%) could process payments online
  • Nearly two-thirds of SMEs (61%) did not promote their services online
  • Just 10% of SMEs had taken part in a digital skills training or business funding programme.


The Registry also estimated that a small business without a website could be losing out on approximately €25,761 a year. The infographic above highlights everyday examples of cost savings from a good connection. It all adds up and has a cumulative, money-hemorrhaging affect; all of the time spent travelling, carrying out admin manually, along with the travel, equipment and even premises costs.


While businesses can theoretically operate without reliable, consistent and cost-effective connectivity, it’s not the best use of resources. Just as you wouldn’t run a business with patchy electricity, you shouldn’t leave connectivity to chance.


The differences outlined in the infographic are stark, but shouldn’t be surprising. These are the kinds of differences the phone brought to business a century ago: High-speed connectivity is the fuel for a business. The better the connection, the more efficient and economical your business becomes.


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