How Virgin Wi-Fi Empowered Business Growth in Tullamore

What We Delivered:

Ireland’s fastest fibre-powered broadband to more than 2,000 homes and businesses across Tullamore.

Business Testimonial:

“I’m delighted to be able to get Virgin Wi-Fi, it’s going to be life-saving for us.”

Robert Maunsell,

Owner, Gala and Applegreen Service Station, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Tullamore: Pioneering Business Technology

Thanks to Tullamore’s prime location, increased investment, educated workforce and now, Ireland’s fastest Wi-Fi, there’s no better place to do business in the Midlands.

Virgin Media’s recent rollout of fibre-powered broadband across Tullamore means that more than 2,000 homes and local businesses can enjoy internet speeds of up to 360Mbps.

Of course, this isn’t the first time local businesses have benefitted from innovative technology.

In fact, it was Daniel E. Williams – then owner and manager of Tullamore Dew – who understood that the early adoption of pioneering technology was critical for business growth.

During the 1890’s, Williams recognised that inventions like electricity and motorised automobiles were vital to expanding his business and he’s credited with accelerating the arrival of these innovations to Tullamore – and making Tullamore Dew the renowned international brand it is today.

Today, this pioneering Tullamore mentality is as strong as ever and local businesses are now reaping the benefits of Virgin’s high-speed broadband.

Tullamore Business Profile: Maunsell’s Gala and Applegreen Service Station

Maunsell’s Gala Applegreen Service Station was one of the first businesses in Tullamore to sign up to Virgin’s high-speed broadband.

Previously, the business was limited to internet speeds of 8Mbps, however a move to Virgin Media Business turned this on its head.

“We were getting about 8Mbps on average before and we’ve since gone to 85Mbps according to the speed test yesterday. We have chosen the 100Mbps Business 100 package for the moment [100Mb broadband plus phone with no line rental and calls to Irish and UK landlines included] but we’ll upgrade to the 200Mb or 400Mb package if we need it down the line”, said owner Robert Maunsell.

Customers can avail of the shop’s free Wi-Fi by logging in with their email address, which can then be used to communicate special offers, new or other marketing messages in the future. Customer data is an invaluable currency in today’s digital world, and this is yet another service that Virgin Media is delighted to be able to share with its business customers.

Robert adds that the move to Virgin Media Business is a no-brainer for businesses who are considering upgrading their internet package.

“If they can get wired with Virgin, and get 100, 200, 400Mbps on those packages, it’s a no-brainer compared to what they’re probably getting at the moment, which is fairly limited in a lot of parts in town.

“I’m delighted to be able to get Virgin Wi-Fi to be honest, it’s going to be life-saving for us.”

Job Creation

It’s not just local businesses who are happy with Virgin Media’s arrival. Tullamore’s local councillors, who’ve fought hard for a best in class internet infrastructure, have also voiced their satisfaction with the development.

Tullamore Town Councillor, Declan Harvey highlighted Virgin’s arrival as a welcome boost for the town and great for competition.

“Before Virgin, internet infrastructure in the area was very poor and it was a big concern, as it is in other parts of the country.

“People in town are happy with it [Virgin Wi-Fi], they’re happy to have another broadband option and the competition is good for everybody.”

Like most rural towns, Tullamore was deeply affected by the recession, but there’s hope that the new broadband network will bring more jobs to the area.

“The Wi-Fi will be good for job creation in the area, that goes without saying. Everything is high-tech nowadays, it has to have a positive effect.

“We’re long enough trying to get competition in, we’re long enough trying to get the broadband in and we’re delighted to have them because it’s an opportunity to work and get things done,” added Cllr Harvey.

Broadband Matters

Tullamore’s success aside, Virgin Media’s commitment to bringing ultrafast fibre broadband to all parts of Ireland remains a priority.

Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media, Paul Farrell explains that Virgin’s mission is simple; to deliver the fastest broadband network across Ireland.

“By expanding our network to thousands more homes and businesses we are proving that there is no shortage of ambition and investment to getting better broadband across towns and communities in Ireland.

“Virgin Media customers are experiencing what real superfast broadband has to offer, which is important as the demand to connect, download and play continues to grow dramatically in Irish households.

“Thousands of homes and businesses in Ireland are enjoying the benefits from an ultrafast broadband boost, thanks to Virgin Media.”

Virgin Media offers ultrafast broadband speeds, starting with 100Mbps, reaching up to 360Mbps for residents and 400Mbps for small businesses.

Backed by parent company Liberty Global, Virgin Media is investing £3bn to extend its ultrafast fibre broadband network to an additional 4 million premises, to reach a total of 17 million homes and businesses across Ireland and the UK.

Virgin Media was recently named Ireland’s fastest broadband network by consumers by independent network assessment firm Ookla, while Cartesian named Virgin Media as the provider of Ireland’s best performing Wi-Fi.