We Make It Work: Republic Of Work

Based in the heart of Cork city, Republic of Work is a 25,500 sq.ft co-working workspace and innovation campus that inspires, and creates a community of likeminded business people. Republic Of Work offers businesses access to a shared business lounge, hot desks, dedicated desks and private office spaces.

According to DC Cahalane, CEO and co-founder of Republic Of Work, the firm is “building a destination for innovation”. He continues, “It’s far more than putting a roof over peoples’ heads, it’s about connecting them into a network of likeminded people”. Collaboration is at the heart of everything Republic Of Work does. Therefore, at the core of Republic Of Work, is the business lounge which takes up approximately 25% of the floor space. This business lounge serves as an interactive meeting place for companies to come together, network, and learn about one another’s businesses.

Regarding business connectivity, Cahalane recalls, “From day one we knew that short of having a roof over the building, the next most important utility in the building was going to be internet”. Cahalane states that the majority of clients within Republic Of Work are SMES or businesses that work remotely, “They want something that’s simple and secure, that’s never going to let them down. They want something that’s just going to be there when they need it”. He goes on to explain, ““We had to have something that was 100% rock solid because the businesses that are in our space if they don’t have access to internet their businesses can’t function”. Moreover, Frank Brennan, General Manager, adds, “Thankfully we have a full gigabit coming into the building…genuinely we wouldn’t have the business that we have right now without it”.

When discussing their connectivity partner of choice, Cahalane claims, “Having a partner like Virgin Media means that we don’t have to worry about the technical side of it”. He continues, “when we picked Virgin it was because of out of all the companies we interacted with, the technical knowhow was there…from the interactions that we had, we knew that the business team we met in Virgin understood what we were doing there”.

In terms of Republic Of Work’s achievements thus far and goals for 2019, they have recently added new facilities to the building, including a radio broadcast studio. Moreover, they are currently in the process of upgrading all of their meeting rooms, and are proud to say that they will soon have “the smartest meeting rooms in Ireland”.


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