Women Make It Work: Virgin Media Solutions

Paula McCarthy, Head of Virgin Media Solutions, sat down with Virgin Media Business and Better Business to discuss her role, her organisation’s goals for 2020 and beyond and the importance of Virgin Media Business products in her firm’s day-to-day operations.

Joining the team in 2004 as a sales executive, McCarthy has since worked her way up to the position of Head of Solutions, which deals with sponsorships and promotions. As Virgin Media Television’s advertising sales unit, her division sells everything from spot advertising to sponsorships to on-demand offerings.

According to McCarthy, having access to an ultrafast and reliable broadband connection is a necessity in her line of work, “I spend 80% of my time working from different locations, so I understand the importance of a high-speed broadband connection. I’m in the connected entertainment business so I have to be on call all the time.” She continues, “I couldn’t imagine what my job would be like without having that real streamlined connectivity – having something that is reliable, super-fast, that you genuinely don’t have to worry about is hugely important.”

When discussing Virgin Media Television’s goals for 2020 and beyond, McCarthy says that the company is living their brand purpose of “building connections that really matter”. To achieve this, Paula explains that the firm is invested in procuring top content for their channels, “One of the biggest connections is with our audiences, whether it’s with our loyal audiences or new audiences, and that’s really through the premium content that we provide, whether it’s Irish content or the best of international.” According to McCarthy, “TV isn’t going anywhere, it’s going everywhere”. This is why Virgin Media Television ensures that their content, from Love Island to Gogglebox to Ireland AM, is available “whenever and wherever people want to consume it”.


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