Who We Are and What We Do

At Virgin Media Business, we’re committed to helping Irish businesses, run by extraordinary individuals like you, accomplish your wildest ambitions.

Our position as a Tier 1 Carrier, in combination with our dedicated fibre network and radio network enables us to deliver high speed low-latency, bespoke enterprise solutions nationwide that can change and grow with your business.

We know every business journey is unique, that’s why we’re proud to be your partner and offer bespoke solutions that best suit your needs. You may already be aware of some of our Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise and Public Sector solutions, but did you know we also offer much, much more?

Here’s the low down on a few tricks we have up our sleeves to help your business reach its full potential.

Fibre Dedicated Internet Access

We strongly believe your business needs a healthy dose of fibre in its diet and we want to help you do extraordinary things with our state of the art Fibre Dedicated Internet.

Imagine an internet connection that is dedicated to your business and your business alone, with no fear of congestion from sharing with several neighbouring organisations. Our dedicated internet connections aren’t just brilliant, they’re resilient and relentless, with speeds reaching up to 2.3 terabits per second in the fibre optic cable on the way to your business.

If your booming businesses has outgrown your SME level internet service, and you think you might need a hand keeping your infrastructure running smoothly, give us a call and let us do the hard work for you.

Symmetrical Speeds

We partner with game-changing Irish businesses that are set on disrupting their industries and never settle for the status quo. With this in mind, we know that your innovations could need more than an off the shelf solution to get off the ground. “Internet is internet,” you say? Not at all. With Virgin Media Business we can optimise features of your specific service to suit you.

Take symmetrical upload and download speeds as an example. Typically, an entry level internet solution for businesses would have much faster download speeds than upload speeds. If you require equally fast speeds upstream and downstream, then talk to us about getting equipped with symmetrical speeds.

SIP Voice Solutions

Face-to-face communication and good old-fashioned phone calls will always be at the heart of doing business, but when you partner with us for voice solutions you get so much more. It’s all thanks to SIP Trunking. No, it has nothing do with drinking from a suitcase with a straw — SIP Trunking stands for Session Over Internet Protocol and refers to the technology that helps us equip your business with voice, internet access, email services and instant messaging.

Managed WAN Solutions

Dream big and reach for the sky and with our fully managed WAN solutions. Organisations partner with us because we can advise on the best way to optimise your chosen solution as your bandwidth-intensive applications grow and take off.

Let Virgin Media Business take the pain out of all your extraordinary projects like big data, voice and video applications, networked storage, distance learning, medical image processing, computer aided design and manufacturing applications.

If you’re in search of an enterprise solution to power a project that requires a high degree of flexibility, security and scalability give us a call.

We offer ethernet speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and higher again, letting you reap the benefits of features such as:

  • Connectivity between offices, branches or data centres
  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • Facilitation of VoIP and cloud applications
  • Service resilience and redundancy options
  • Fully managed (if required)
  • Guaranteed service levels

Smart WiFi Distribution

These days WiFi has become ubiquitous, but that certainly doesn’t mean every offering is the same. We leverage our Smart WiFi distribution to help you offer your customers state of the art WiFi and derive valuable audience information to help you optimise your service.

Our brand new WiFi package offers you the opportunity to delve deeper into the mind of your customer with the ability to capture customer details and even drive customers to your website through a dedicated landing page. What’s more, every aspect of the service can be personalised to suit you, your business and your customers’ needs.

Benefits of a managed service from Virgin WiFi include:

  • Improved customer service
  • In-depth analytics
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Option to segregate services
  • Managed security

Metro and Carrier Ethernet

If you’re a business who provides networking services to end users, then carrier ethernet could be for you.

Carrier ethernet is the standard in networking for any enterprise applications for everything from unified communications to integration with cloud computing. Virgin Media Business is an MEF certified carrier and your number one partner in metro and carrier and ethernet solutions. MEF stands for Metro Ethernet Forum, the non-profit international industry consortium, dedicated to the worldwide adoption of Carrier Ethernet networks and services.

Carrier class service is defined by five attributes that distinguish it from familiar LAN based Ethernet.

These are:

  • Standardised Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • and, Service Management

When you purchase an MEF certified product from Virgin Media Business you’ll benefit from full specification disclosure and the knowledge that the product you are purchasing has been designed and deployed to MEF standards.

On Site Security with DDOS Prevention

We know that maintaining a secure and uninterrupted online presence for your organisation is business critical and that’s why our new security offering is designed with DDOS attack protection at its core.

DDOS stands for distributed denial of service and refers to an attack in which multiple hijacked computers are used as trojans to send enormous levels of unsolicited traffic to a website in order to disable it.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018, and will bring new regulations regarding the security and privacy of any EU citizen data being held by an organisation. There will be strict penalties on violators, some of which could be tough on small companies with restrictive IT budgets and limited resources.

With a fully managed solution from Virgin Media Business, not only will we protect your business no matter if it is a live dealer game streaming or a banking app, we’ll also liaise with you or your IT manager if we notice any suspicious activity on your account.

Dedicated Support

As a customer of Virgin Media Business, you’ll have access to our dedicated business support team that can advise you on the best course of action to get the most out of your enterprise level solutions.

In that very rare occurrence were something goes wrong, you can take satisfaction in knowing that our unbeatable 6-hour restore SLA will have you up and running again in no time, letting extraordinary individuals like yourselves get back to what you’re good at — serving and thrilling your valued customers.