5 Benefits of a Managed WiFi Service

If you’re a hotel manager, hotel owner or other decision maker in the hospitality business, you’re no doubt looking for a complete solution to tackle some of the most common problems that can occur with guest Wi-Fi.

Here are five benefits of a managed service from Virgin WiFi that are just waiting to be enjoyed by your business.

1.  In-Room Customer Service for Guests

Checking in and checking out guests is a challenging job on its own for front desk hotel staff. The added pressure of having to deal with WiFi connectivity issues is an unnecessary burden that can be avoided.

With a managed solution from Virgin WiFi, guests can be assisted in-room by Virgin support staff. This service allows the guests to achieve connectivity quickly, without getting frustrated queuing at the front desk for assistance during busy check in or check out times.

Support staff can troubleshoot connection problems with the majority of popular WiFi devices that guests might be using and are able to provide training to hotel staff on how to recognise and deal with some of the common issues that may arise.

2.  Stay Informed with Analytics

A good hotel manager will know their premises inside out. Everything from the peak time for guests arriving at breakfast to the views available from each room (good or otherwise) all fall under their expert knowledge. With Virgin WiFi, decision makers will have even more data at their disposal, helping them back up their informed insight with analytical data. An example of this could be analysing the footfall of guests with connected devices in certain areas of the hotel to figure out the best location for signage for extra value services. Or perhaps you’d like to know which devices are the most popular among guests such as an iPad or Samsung Smartphone, allowing IT managers to know for which devices to best optimise the hotel WiFi website.

3. Benefit from a Fully Managed Infrastructure

For hotels managing their own guest WiFi, there’s not much that can be done for dead spots or areas of poor internet coverage across the premises. In the worst-case scenario, you could have several rooms that just can’t get online, leading to the nightmare situation of telling the guest they could have success if they connect from the lobby.

With Virgin WiFi, our engineers will strategically install access points across your business to ensure the best possible coverage throughout your premises.

Thanks to the streaming habits of the modern guests, many of whom are carrying multiple devices and accessing more bandwidth-heavy services, it’s no longer just coverage that’s important, it’s also capacity. Even if your guests can access WiFi from every nook and cranny in the hotel, it’s no use to them if the network experiences traffic congestion easily. Our staff will not only set up your service with capacity in mind, but also keep an eye on traffic over time to predict a time in the future when your bandwidth or speed should be upgraded.

4.  Segregate your Services

We know that all your guests that enjoy your WiFi won’t always be staying overnight. Visitors to your hotel’s café or restaurant could also factor in the quality of your WiFi service when considering a return journey. To make sure that demand from other areas of the hotel doesn’t compromise the quality of the WiFi experienced by guests in-room, Virgin WiFi can help you segregate your WiFi services with firewalls. This might lead to you having multiple networks such as ‘Lobby WiFi’, or ‘Dining Room WiFi’ to keep everything running smoothly.

This option can also help you look after conference guests by providing them with their very own dedicated WiFi on event days. This is something that is bound to be appreciated by any overseas conference guests that are trying to avoid using costly roaming data charges.

If services need to be upgraded for specific once-off events, you can contact your Virgin WiFi account manager to address any bespoke ICT needs your business may have.

5. Security and Peace of Mind

It’s paramount that your guests always feel safe when they are staying under your roof, both in the physical sense and the digital sense. Keeping a network secure is a full-time job, a job that becomes increasingly more difficult for large hotels.


By partnering with Virgin WiFi, you will soon get the peace of mind knowing that your network is monitored and your guests and your business interests are protected against any cyber threats that might occur.

Placed in the crucial position between the hotel and the end user, Virgin’s smart WiFi distribution offering will provide the essential balance needed to keep all stakeholders satisfied.

With Virgin’s smart WiFi distribution offering, you will be able to reclaim peace of mind and get back to doing what you do best — offering extraordinary service to your guests.